Computer worms

What is Computer Worms?

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What are computer worms?

Worms are the type of malware programs. They can’t harm computer itself. A trigger is setup to start worms to work. Like a worm is trigger as 100th time you open Microsoft office. An intrusion can damage your computer completely. Worms are classified as Malware but all malware are not classified as worms. Computer Worms are also a famous category of malware just like virus. These known by it’s self-replicating.  Virus is the programs who infect computers and cause damage to computer. But a computer worm doesn’t need any medium or person to spread it. It can pass as many as computers without changing functionality of the computers.

I am not saying, worms are not dangerous computer malware. Worms travel through internet or intranet of a company. This can disrupt bandwidth of the internet. Worms are able to carry other software, which are the real danger for your computer. These software may be virus, malware, Trojan horse, or spyware etc.

Payloads computer worm:

Payload Computer worms can cause damage to computers or your internet network. Some types of payload computer worms listed below:

  1. Witty: This worm launched in March 2004; it was the worm that is classified as Payload computer worm. It starts creating packets of data to the hard disk, and due to high payload computer get crashed.
  2. Nysem: This worm was launched in January 2006. It was first activated on 3rd It works on 3rd day of the month. It tries to disable security related software and start deleting Microsoft office files.
  3. Daprosy: It discovered by Symantec Security. This worm was launched in july 2009. It was use to target online gaming passwords in internet cafes.

Beneficial computer worms:

Welchia worm known as beneficial Computer worm. It launched by Xerox PARC Company to experiment with this worm.  It was just launched after the Blaster Worm in August 2003.

Some computer security identifies computer worms as beneficial. Worms are classified as safe till computer vulnerability does not say “place malware here”.

Prevention from Computer Worms:

Prevention of computer worms is necessary as it gives a platform to malware or other malicious software. Many of the Computer users uses computer security software to prevent computer worms. Here are some Computer security programs that you can uses to prevent worms:

  1. Antivirus: Buy Best Antivirus Software which scans your computer completely for worms and malware. I will suggest you buy best Antivirus software like Norton Internet Security. There are continue development of worms and malware so to prevent them from your computer you need a best internet security program. This will insure all the softwares of your computer are up to date.
  2. Keep Software Updated: Worms take vulnerabilities of your computer. It is necessary to have updated software in your computer. Because updates come with new features, and with protection from virus or malware. Operating system like windows, Apple and Linux releases new updates with new protection features.
  3. Don’t open Spam Emails: Main source of worms is the spam emails. For example, ILOVEYOU worm, it launched in 2000. Email contains ILOVEYOU in subject and people open this email due to subject. But there was a file with extension .vbs document. If any user opens email the file automatically downloaded to your computer.

Follow these steps to stay away from worms and malware. If you are unable to fix and have serious Computer malware problem. Call Norton Technical Support 1-866-300-4877 (toll-free)