Ways to Customize Windows 10 Start Menu

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In this article, we are discussing on the windows 10 start menu. We all know about windows, we all use windows operating system on our pc. Microsoft Corporation is the developer of windows (Operating system of Window 10 is an operating system). It also releases an operating system for smart phones, tablets, and PCs. Windows 10 is releasing on 29 July 2015. Yesterday, my friend told me about windows 10 start menu customize. It gave you some great features as its User interface desktop by this you can customize windows 10 start menu.

Ways to customize windows 10 start menu

It also gave users some security feature like system security, It uses multi factor authentication technology. The other feature is storage requirement, by these windows 10 automatically compress system files and reduce the space of storage. However, whenever you face any problem in windows then there is windows center for windows help.uninstall app windows 10

In this article, we are discussing on windows 10 start menu working. The start menu is the central hub of Windows 10 has a new feature of customizing the start menu. By this feature, you can customize your windows and windows 10 classic start menu. You can totally change the preview of your start menu. When it launch it face bad review about its new look is bad as compared to the old version by some people. But, after they realize that it has new feature by which they can customize it now and make it as they want and make it better than older window model.Customize Windows 10 start menu

In addition, you can change its looks of the start menu. Because of this feature of customizing window 10 start menu will become cooler and more familiar with the user’s interface. You can control all of this by a single click. It has many features as if you want to resize its start menu and app tile size and it automatically picks start menu color.

 Ways to customize windows 10 Start Menu

  1. Pin and unpin customize application: If you want to pin or unpin any software or you want to uninstall any app. Then it is very easy on windows 10. For this go to start menu and open it. Then, go to the application, which you want to uninstall or pin in your taskbar. Then click right on it. There is an option show uninstall or pin the app. Choose one, which you want to do.
  2. Customize the size of the start menu: You can also change the size of the start menu or you can resize start menu. It is one of the best features of customization. Because sometimes users want Large start menu or other persons want small or medium size start menu. Then if you want to change your start menu size then go to start menu and resize it by push or pull by the mouse.
  3. Resize the tiles: After resizing start menu, you can also resize the tiles that appear in the start menu. You can resize the application, which is open in the start menu. By using this, you can arrange much application and use them easily. For applying on your pc first go to start menu and then choose the app you want to resize and right click on this now there is an option show resize click on this and u get 4 options of resize small, medium, large.
  4. Disable title animation: we see some animated tiles in the start menu. Latest updates are available on this. Some person doesn’t not like this. So, you can turn it off. For turning off live updates right click of this and then it shows some options. Click on more option and now an option is showing turn off live tile updates. Click on it.