How to do Private browsing in Google Chrome?

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Google Chrome saves your browsing history, and what you search or browser in Google Chrome saves on the hard drive. These histories are used for keeping a history of websites that you visit. It also uses history to generate cookies. Sometimes, you see that you visit a website first time that takes too much time to load, but when you visit again it loads faster. This is due to cookies. Cookies enhance your browsing experience. If are looking to hide the data you do online, then try Google Chrome incognito mode.

Google Chrome incognito mode

In incognito mode browsing your browsing data is deleted when you leave close this session. In this Post how to start Google Chrome incognito mode and use.

Follow these steps to start Google chrome incognito mode

  1. Click on Menu Button
    Google Chrome Incognito Mode
  2. When Drop down Appears
    Incognito Mode Google Chrome
  3. Click on New Incognito Windows label that is below new windows
  4. Congratulations you have started Goggle chrome incognito mode.

You can also start incognito mode by keyboard shortcut. Just press CTRL + SHIFT + N on Google Chrome. This shortcut key for Chrome incognito mode works on OS, Linux and Windows and Mac OS. In Google chrome main portion complete information and a status message are given. You can see a logo of the incognito mode in left side in the title bar of Google Chrome. New incognito windows have dark shade. This indicates that all browsing data and history is temporary and will not be saved to the hard disk.

This is the complete process of starting Google Chrome incognito mode. If you face any problem or can’t find the way to start incognito mode in Google Chrome. You can Call Google Chrome Technical Support Number 1-866-300-4877 (toll-free). They will help you to start and fix your problems and help you.

Watch Video to know how to start Google Chrome Incognito mode.