Uninstall google chrome

Ways to uninstall Google Chrome from registry

Google Chrome is the most used web browser and fully secured. But sometimes you may face issues in Google Chrome. At that time, you need to uninstall Google Chrome from the computer. You can uninstall any software like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer. For windows 7, just open the Control panel and uninstall […]

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Popup ads

How to get rid of Popup Ads on Chrome?

Today, pop-ups are the major tool to advertise and increase web traffic on the website. Many marketers use it at the mass level. Many times these pop-ups irritate the user, but many users don’t know that what is a pop-up? Or what are pop-up ads? So in this article, I will tell you the trick […]

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reset google chrome

How do I reset Google chrome?

How do I reset Google chrome? Hello reader, Welcome to Nortonsupportphonenumber.com. Are you using Google Chrome as your default browser? Are you facing problem in Google Chrome? Is your Google Chrome homepages and search engine change? Don’t take tension, I am here telling you how to Reset Google Chrome. Restoring Google Chrome to its default […]

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How to do Private browsing in Google Chrome?

Google Chrome saves your browsing history, and what you search or browser in Google Chrome saves on the hard drive. These histories are used for keeping a history of websites that you visit. It also uses history to generate cookies. Sometimes, you see that you visit a website first time that takes too much time […]

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