Internet Security

Internet Security by Norton Antivirus

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Norton Antivirus has the so many features it is very powerful in the field of cyber security. It gave protection against the theft, which is attacking your computer. Norton scans all the files and software on the pc and when the scanning is completed it shows the theft or virus and after detection of the infected files and software. It removes them all from your pc. Internet Security by Norton Antivirus, yes Norton Antivirus also has some internet security features. But for the complete security in the online world, Norton Internet Security gives you complete protection against cyber attacks and online security.

Norton Internet Security is not only giving protection against the hacker, online thefts, and cyber attacks but it also protects your computer files it they consist virus. It removes all the malware and virus from the computer. After scanning and detecting the malware, spyware and many other thefts. This is not only an internet security product. It is also a complete antivirus also.

Internet Security by Norton Antivirus

Norton Internet Security has all features. Which Norton Antivirus has, in addition, it has some more features for protecting you in the cyber world:


It gave you the protection your computer and your data against the hackers. Firewall gave you the protection while you are online. It is giving us two-way firewall protection feature. Firewall monitories the incoming and outgoing files of the computers. It is allowing only some of your applications to access the internet, blocking certain IP addresses, etc.

Identity Protection:

You have probably heard about identity theft. These type of threats is all too common online. These threats hack your identity and password and all your personal information while you entering your personal information on the Internet. This is known as a phishing attack, there are some phishing web sites. Norton Internet Security’s anti-phishing features filter the websites and links on the internet. If it identifies any phishing sites or links it warns you. It also checks these phishing links on the social media and if it detects any phishing link on the posters wall. Then it generates pop up for the warning.

Norton Identity Safe:

This feature makes sure that your passwords and usernames of the sites cannot be hacked by anyone. This feature stored your username and passwords in an encrypted vault entered automatically in the relevant fields of web pages, for instance, and login page of your bank’s website. This means they cannot be stolen by malicious key logging software because you do not have to type them.

Scanning the computer:

Norton Internet Security scans your computer, detect file and software. If it found any suspicious file then it repeatedly checks that and if it found malware then it shows this and removes that malware for your pc security.

Ant spam:

If you are, the user of Microsoft Outlook for emailing then it is very useful for you. It will identify unwanted (malicious or not) messages and based on your configuration settings, take appropriate actions. This feature filters the spams on your email account. And keep your account protected.

Parental controls management:

This feature is for parents to control and check the access of the children. It will give you peace of mind, allowing you to control what websites your kids can visit.