Malware types

What is malware & Malware types

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What is malware

Malware is the code of malicious programs. Those are written to hijack useful information from your computer. There are various malware types like viruses, worms, rootkits, ransomware, Trojan horse, spyware. The computer is common in every home nowadays and is the source of the entertainment for the family. People connect their computer to the internet but most of them don’t know about the harms of internet connection. They just love surfing on the internet but don’t know about the web treats. Malware is the software that is downloaded to your computer while you are downloading any software. And you think the important program is installing on your computer but malware is installing on your computer. These are placed on your computer without your knowledge or permission. These are of many types like profit base ransomware or adware or spyware. Malware also opens the back door to the hijackers.

Working of Malware:

Malware placed on your computer either by incautious actions of user or vulnerabilities. Incaution actions are like you download software or files from unknown source. Vulnerabilities are errors or weak points in the operating system. That is easy to crack and easy to open back doors for the hackers. Malware also spread by junk emails, or downloading photos, videos or software from unknown source. Most common way of transmission of malware is through open internet connections. There are various ways of transmission according to Malware Types.

As the broadband internet connection grow the risk of malware increased. Because in the initial, when people use a dial-up internet connection to get online. People come online only for few minutes. And after that, they disconnect for a long time. Now, people use Broadband internet connection so most of the time they are online, which increase online theft or web threats. Open internet connection allows malware to work on the system when they are not open. some Malware Types are given below.

Malware can be classified in several categories. Some malware needs a target to start working. Other is active malware that is put on your computer through week vulnerabilities. Here are some of the malware types.

Malware Types: Infectious Malware

These are worst. Sometimes, User feels annoyance due to unwanted pop-ups and redirections. This malware is identity theft or Adware. Malware attack on the computer that opens the back door for hackers. So, hackers can easily enter in your computer. They have the ability to completely damage your computer.

  1. Virus: these are the most common type or malware. A virus is a form of malware, so we can say all viruses are malware but all malware is not the virus. They can self-replicate it and need a target program to start work.
  2. Worms: These attacks are over the network not on computers. Their main motto is to make your PC Slow. Can also a way to transfer the virus, malware from network to your computer.

Malware Types: Web Threats

These malware checks for vulnerabilities in applications software like a web browser. This program looks to hijack user’s information and send to hackers.

  1. Keylogger: It records the input keys of your computers, and sends the report to the hackers.
  2. Spyware: These programs look to steal useful information of the user. It can track data on your computer from the external drive that is attached to it.
  3. Adware: These programs are profitable software. It can change your default search engine. It also shows content-based advertisements.
  4. A Bot is also a type of malware. Those Allow Hackers to remotely access your computer. A hacker uses this software to provide the location of illegal activities.
  5. Dialers: this is a type of malware. Which target dial-up modems and dial premium number from it? And charges rack on users.

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