Norton Power Eraser

Norton Power Eraser

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Norton Power Eraser: Benefits and Use

Norton Security is the best virus protection Antivirus in the world. Symantec offers many free tools. So, are you ready to know about Norton Power Eraser? If you are facing virus or malware issues on your computer and you have tried the entire antivirus but can’t fix? Then you should try Norton Power Eraser for Once. It is the Software that you need in this case to remove virus, malware or spyware from your computer. This free software from Norton Security provides complete security from scareware and crimeware when no other software works.

Norton Power Eraser tool

It can help you to protect your important data from hackers. Scareware and Crimeware are the software programs that is use to hack your confidential information like bank details, credit card details. They send information to hackers and hackers withdraw money from your account. Scareware and Crimeware can slow down your computer; create other problems like hang, exhibit or crash. The computer starts performing unwanted activities.

Benefits of Norton Power Eraser

  1. Norton Power Eraser scans your computer with Symantec algorithms. Symantec is the world’s top name in internet security provider. Norton Power Eraser uses Norton Cloud server to scan suspicious files and remove them. It can easily detect and delete scareware or Crimeware that other antivirus can’t find.
  2. Power Eraser allows users to quickly review their previous scans. It allows users to restore any file that is deleting mistakenly. You can find all the history of virus or malware find and what action you do on it.
  3. It is free and portable Software powered by Norton Security. You don’t need to install it, you can directly scan files or folders with it.
  4. Norton Security’s free tool Norton Eraser is completely free. Norton Security recommends you to use it when no any other antivirus helps you.