Petya Ransomware

Petya Ransomware Protection

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In the America and Europe, many organizations are disabled due to the attack by a malicious program known as “Petya Ransomware”. The malicious software has expanded through large companies such as Transport Firm Maersk, Danish Shipping, Law Firm DLA Piper, Food Company Mondelez, and WPP etc. Their PCs and data locked and kept for ransom. This is the second prime ransomware attack in the past few months on the global level. In the month May, the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) was one of the victims of ransomware WannaCry. This was the first time when vulnerability revealed to the public as a part of a public disclosure of documents related to the NSA. Ransomware program uploaded online in the month of April by a group of hackers, known as Shadow Brokers. If Petya ransomware or WannyCry infects your computer, then contact us to get a solution.

Petya Ransomware

WannaCrypt or WannaCry ransomware affected more than 250,000 PCs in the more than 150 countries. For example, Telefónica a Spanish phone company, NHS, and the German state railway among those most difficult hits. Same as WannaCry, the “Petya ransomware” expands soon through the internal and external network that uses Microsoft Windows. However, what is ransomware, why is this happening and how can I prevent it? What is this? Why is this happening? and how can we stop it? An answer is given below.

What Is Ransomware

Ransomware is a kind of malicious activity that locks all the access to a laptop or computer and its essential data. After that, they demand ransom as Bitcoin or electronic transfer.

How Does Ransomware Work

When a ransomware program infects a computer then this malicious program encrypts all important files and documents. They demand ransom money to provide a digital key for your encrypted data. They promise to provide digital key after paying money but these types of hackers are not faithful. It is not sure that they will give you a digital key after paying ransom amount. Generally, they demand money in Bitcoin. If victims have not back up of those files then it is not possible to back up. So take care and Keep back up of your data accordingly to avoid this situation.

Difference between WannaCry & Petya Ransomware

Ransomware program attacks on computers and makes a demand for ransom $ 300, that paid in currency Bitcoin. Ransomware targets that computer is using Microsoft windows and infects them via the Eternal Blue vulnerability or via windows administrative tools in the entire organization. Microsoft released protection patches but many of the persons would not the install that patches. This malware has a good mechanism to spread itself that WannaCry program. It tries one way but if that does not work then it can select another way to spread itself. Therefore, it is more effective and dangerous than WannaCry.

Is There Any Protection against Petya Ransomware

Most prominent antivirus and security software companies now claim that their protection software has actively updated. They are able to search and secure against Petya ransomware infections. Symantec security products are using security definitions version 20170627.009. For example, Kaspersky says that its protection program is eligible to detect the malicious program. In addition, keep Windows up-to-date at least from the establishment of a crucial patch of March. That is able to protect against the Eternal Blue vulnerability and prevents a major route of infection. That will also secure against future invasions with the various payloads.

Where Did Petya Ransomware Start

The attack has been developed through an updated software mechanism, which is designed in an accounting program. That requires companies working with the Ukrainian government, -according to the Ukrainian Cyber Police. They say that various governmental and private organizations affected in the Ukraine by it. Following organizations are affected metro and airport system, state electricity utilities, banks, and Ukrainian government organizations etc. Radiation monitoring system was also affected and taken offline at Chernobyl. They were forcing their employee to use manual counters measuring levels at the exclusion zone of the nuclear plant. The second ripple of infection generated by a phishing campaign is characterized by malware-loading attachments.

How Far Has Petya Ransomware Spread

Petya ransomware has delivered deep breakdown in the major companies in the United States and Europe. These major companies also affected oil companies Rosneft and Evraz, Saint-Gobain and Russian Steel, French construction Materials Company, advertising company WPP, and transport firm AP Moller-Maersk, Danish shipping, legal firm DLA Piper, Food Company Mondelez and Heritage Valley health system, which executes health care facilities and hospitals in the Pittsburgh etc.

Importantly, this version of Petya ransomware tries to expand within the internal network system. It does not try to spread into the external network like wanna cry. The final spread of that malware can be limited. Which has seen a reduction in the new infection rate at overnight?

Who Is Behind the Attack Petya Ransomware

We cannot say anything clearly on it but it seems that someone who wishes to offer malware as a Ransomware. It is actually being devastating, especially for the Ukrainian government. Nicolas Weaver who is a security researcher told to the Krebs on the cyber security blog. The blog was that “deliberate, malicious, destructive attack or perhaps a test that concealed as a Ransomware”. Mr. Grudge is a Pseudonymous security researcher paid attention that the actual Petya was a criminal enterprise to make money. However, this new version of Petya ransomware is different. Definitely, it’s not designed to make money. it is something else.

It constructed to expand rapidly and deliver the damage. In which, there is a clearly defective cover of ransomware. They said, which states that the payment mechanism in malware was indispensable for the pointless thing. Single hard code payment address, which means the money, can be detected. The need to email proof of payment to a webmail provider, which means email address disabled. 60 character of an infected machine, the need to send the case-sensitive “personal identification key” from the computer. That cannot even copy and paste. All mean that “this payment pipeline probably worst among all the options…”Private check to send at Petya Payments, PO Box…”

The Ukraine blamed to the Russia for the past cyber invasions. In which, at the end of 2015 there is also one of its power grid. Which was part of Western Ukraine, temporarily left without electricity. Russia has refused Ukraine cyber attack.

What Should You Do If You Are Affected By Petya Ransomware

Ransomware can infect all kind of windows computer. It encrypts the data and important files. So if Petya ransomware infects your computer then what you should do. First, you need to wait for an hour before restarting your computer. While it is rebooting then you need to switch off your computer to stop data from encrypted. Now you can defend your important files from your computer.

If you are not able to do this just call us at Our Tech support phone number 1-855-272-6255. Our expert and experienced technicians are able to recover your data from your computer. They are also able to decrypt files from your encrypted data. We are available 24*7 to serve you a best online support for your all kind of computer, laptop, and printer related issues. We also offer virus removal service to protect your computer and valuable data. Thousands of our customers are happy with our service and recommend us.