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How to get rid of Popup Ads on Chrome?

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Today, pop-ups are the major tool to advertise and increase web traffic on the website. Many marketers use it at the mass level. Many times these pop-ups irritate the user, but many users don’t know that what is a pop-up? Or what are pop-up ads? So in this article, I will tell you the trick that how to get rid of popup ads on chrome or any other browser. But first, you need to know that what is pop-up and how is it affecting us?

how to get rid of popup ads

Pop-up or pop-up ad is a basically normal web page window, which is smaller than the main window in the size. Pop-ups are mainly used to advertising on the internet, to increase web traffic on a website to collect email addresses. Pop-ups are generally open in a new window to show ads. It contains an ad that is mainly developed by java script, using a cross-site scripting (CSS), occasionally with a middle payload using Adobe Flash, but can be developed by variant penetrability/safety puncture in browser protection.

First-time Pop-up ads produced on the Tripod.com website in the late 1990s. Ethan Zuckerman says that pop-ups code written by him to present ads in isolated windows as a reaction to complaints of replaced banner ads. Pop-up window was not invented by him. Zuckerman afterward apologize for the unwarranted pop-up ads had developed into. Opera is the first name that had developed the tool to block pop-up. Mozilla browser improved in that tool and developed a better tool to block pop-up ads in the early 2000s. Most of all major web browsers besides Internet Explorer permitted the user to prevent unwished pop-ups totally. Microsoft revealed Windows XP SP2, in which pop-up blocking tool added to Internet Explorer. Now, the majority of recent web browsers get in with pop-up blocking tools. Some steps are given below that how to get rid of popup ads Windows 10.

Enable pop-up blocker on Chrome:

Chrome blocked pop-ups by default but if that disables then enable to prevent Pop-ups are to show.

  • Go to “Chrome” menu situated at top right corner and click on “Setting”.
  • At the bottom of the page and click on “Show advanced settings”
  • Go at Privacy section and Click on “Content Settings”
  • Now scroll till “Pop-ups section” and select “Do not allow any site to show pop-ups” option.
  • Now open “Manage exceptions” option.
  • Make a list here your trusted sites.
  • Now no pop-ups will disturb you.
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Some more tips to get rid of popup ads

  • Visit trusted sites only. Don’t visit suspicious websites such as porn sites, gambler sites, betting sites etc.
  • Many ads or banner contains fake close or play (in video ad) button, ignore them, and don’t click on the fake button, because they can execute pop-ups on your screen.
  • Don’t use free online games and free movies or songs providers’ websites.
  • Reset your browser to remove all suspicious browsing history and registry keys.