Ransomware Removal tools

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Anti-ransomware removal tools

Are you a home or office or a business user? While using your computer you get a dialogue box that shows your all system files encrypted, and you need to pay $500 dollars for 24 hours. The amount asked should be paid in Bitcoins. If you fail to do before the deadline then the price will rise? Do you know why you seeing this message? And what is the mean of this message? Don’t worry we are always with you. I am telling you here why this happens and how to get rid of ransomware and how to use Ransomware Removal Tools.

Best Anti-Ransomware Removal Tools

First ransomware attack happened 6 years ago when it attacks Windows computers. And it was too late when you see the message for money demand. You have no choice to compromise. You have to restore a backup that you take in the past.

Creating backups time to time is a great way to fight with these conditions. But today’s condition is improved. You have antivirus programs or anti-ransomware software. Antivirus software is the best method to block ransomware. They look for every actions and variant of ransomware and protect you from all the virus or malware. Before reinstalling your data in your computer, make sure it is free of any kind of virus or malware issues.

Ransomware uses the unbreakable public key to lock the files, variations in the keys is relatively small at one time. Creating the best defense for further future attacks; you have to get best security software. It may be possible antivirus software can detect Ransomware by watching its well-known behaviors.

In this article, I am telling you some best ransomware removal tools. This is used to clean virus, malware, and ransomware. These are able to detect ransomware and sometimes they can perform decryption also.

Anti-ransomware Tools-


Best Ransomware Removal Tools 2017

AVG ransomware decryption tool:


AVG decryption tools have a tagline “Hit by Ransomware? Don’t pay ransom”, that increase people’s expectation from the AVG anti-ransomware tool.

AVG provides a variety of decryption tools for many types of ransomware. It also offers some guides and resources to get rid of ransomware attacks.

Here are some AVG decryption tools:

  • Apocalypse
  • Legion
  • Crypt888
  • Bart
  • BadBlock
  • SZFLocker
  • TeslaCrypt

Trend Micro Lock Screen Anti-Ransomware tool

This tool is designed to detect and remove a victim of “lock screen” Ransomware.  Lock screen Ransomware is a type of malware block user to access their laptop and computer. It does not allow the user to open screen and force victim to make payments for their information.

Trend micro lock screen removal tool works only in 2 conditions if your computer safe mode is still accessible but normal mode is blocked by lock screen ransomware. The second situation is when it blocks both normal mode and safe mode.

In the first case, the user needs to install software using the keyword and boot your computer in Safe Mode. Next screen will offer a scan and clean after a restart of the system.

In the second case, when you are not able to access safe mode, it allows its removal tool to work on USB drive from another computer and executive from it.