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How do I reset Google chrome?

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How do I reset Google chrome?

Hello reader, Welcome to Are you using Google Chrome as your default browser? Are you facing problem in Google Chrome? Is your Google Chrome homepages and search engine change? Don’t take tension, I am here telling you how to Reset Google Chrome. Restoring Google Chrome to its default browser can help you to fix many issues. Reset does not make changes in your open tabs and bookmarks.

Restoration of browser may change these settings:

  1. Your saved search engine will be restored to its original search engine.
  2. It will delete previous history of the browser.
  3. Home button get disable.
  4. Default startup tab will change, a new tab open when you start your Google Chrome.
  5. A blank tab will open.
  6. All pinned tabs will get unpinned.
  7. Content setting will reset to its defaults settings.
  8. Reset will detect Data and cookies of browser.
  9. All the installed extensions and themes will be disabled.

How do I reset Google Chrome Setting (step by step guide?)

You can directly reset Google Chrome with the help of option in Google Chrome. Restoration of browser will reset all the recent changes in your browser. But, your bookmarks and passwords remain safe and unchanged.

Follow these steps to reset Google chrome:

  1. Click on main menu, in Google Chrome. Click on the three dot in the right hand side besides extensions. A drop down will open, Click on settings.

    Chrome Settings

    Chrome Settings

  2. A tab will load that shows Google Chrome Settings. Now, go down on the page, click on Show Advance Setting option in Google Chrome.

    Chrome advance settings

    Chrome advance settings

  3. Advance settings of Google chrome will now appear. Scroll down, and you will find an option Reset. Click on rest to Restore Google chrome Setting.

    Google Reset Browser

    Chrome Reset Browser

  4. A pop will appears, for confirmation that you want to reset Google Chrome. It states that all of your settings will restore to default. Click on OK or Reset Button to reset Google Chrome.

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