MSN account not working

How do I retrieve my MSN email account password?

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It is a very bad feeling when we forget the password and username of any account. It is not possible for humans to remember everything. This is very hard to remember passwords and usernames because they are very complex. So it is not a big deal if anyone forgot their password of any login id. Actually, the problem is there are so many online accounts we have of different things. And the password is the combination of alphabetic, numerical and special keys. In this article, we are discussing how to retrieve MSN email account password. It is quite hard to remember all the passwords. After all, of this, it is a very problematic thing if we forgot the password of any id.

Retrieve MSN Email Account Password

Sometimes it also happens with the MSN ema il password, we forgot its password. On that time, we are tried to memorize the correct password but if we do not memorize it. Then the only question comes to our mind is “How do I retrieve MSN email account password?” because of all these problems. We are here give you the perfect solution to this problem:retrieve MSN email account password

  1. Go to the URL
  2. Select “I forgot my password”.
  3. Select the option ‘Reset your password’.
  4. Enter the Windows Live ID that requires resetting the password.
  5. Enter the characters shown and select ‘Next’.
  6. You can see the options here, these are the options available to reset the password for your account.


  • If you have selected to retrieve link via SMS or alternate email, you will need to wait for the link to be sent.
  • If you have selected to answer SQ/SA, you will be able to reset the password after confirmation of answer.
  1. Yet, you are unable to reset the password on your own you will need to contact MSN Customer Support.

If it is unable to reset the password, contact us

MSN Email Customer Support Number: 1-866-300-4877.

We have the highly qualified experts who are always ready to help you. If you want any technical solution to call us 24*7 in the toll-free no which we mention above.