Uninstall google chrome

Ways to uninstall Google Chrome from registry

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Google Chrome is the most used web browser and fully secured. But sometimes you may face issues in Google Chrome. At that time, you need to uninstall Google Chrome from the computer. You can uninstall any software like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer. For windows 7, just open the Control panel and uninstall it. If you are unable to uninstall Google chrome from the control panel, you need to uninstall it manually. It is as simple as you find your folders in drives. If you don’t know how to uninstall Google Chrome, Then follow these steps given below. Or you can call Google Chrome Technical Support team 1-866-300-4877.

Ways to uninstall Google Chrome from registry

  1. Open Google Chrome website and find “remove.txt” file. Open Google Chrome Setting and Click on “Save Pages As” option.
  2. Go to desktop on the “Save Page as” Screen, Select “all files” option from the list of the menu. Save the file with the name of “remove.reg”.
  3. Close Google Chrome Browser and Go to Desktop and Double Click on “remove.reg”. After Prompt Click on OK or YES.
  4. Tap on Windows Button on the keyboard, put “cmd” in the search bar and click on run. A Prompt window will open.
  5. Put “%LOCALAPPDATA%\Goggle” in CMD txt box,
  6. Right click on Google Chrome folder from the menu. Click Delete button, this will uninstall Google Chrome from your computer completely.
  7. Uninstall google chrome

If you any issue while creating or saving file on your desktop, Contact Google Chrome Customer Service. Google Customer Service helps you for Google Chrome issues. They will help you to install Google chrome, reset Google Chrome, Google Chrome Settings up. First try by following these steps, If you are unable to do it. In that case, you may contact Google Chrome Technical Support Number 1-866-300-4877. They will help you in uninstalling Google Chrome.