Norton Parental Control

How to Use Norton Parental Control

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Norton Parental Control

Are you a parent? Want to make secure your children while surfing online? Now most of the children spend 40-45 hours per month online. To make safe browsing for your children use Norton Parental control. It will protect your children from online threats and unhealthy websites. Norton Security provides complete security to your children while using internet.

It is the best solution for your children online safety. Symantec design this tool to keep kids safe from web threats. Norton security develops this software with Norton family suite to enhance its power.

Following services are given with Norton Parental Control:

  1. Parents can control children’s online browsing with web monitoring and blocking of harmful websites.
  2. You can apply time limit for usage. That can reduce bad net surfing habits and provide better study skills. These can be establishing to control computer usage for a day, or some days of a week.Norton Parental Control
  3. Parents can setup email alerts, you can track your children’s online activity. An Email is send to you, what activity happen at your home. You will get to know if your children try to open a blocked website or ignore securities. You will get an email of the issues no matter where you are at that time.
  4. Parents can set up for search monitoring, you can see your children’s surfing habits and keep track of their habits. You can check what they are surfing online and what website they are trying to open.

Norton Parental Security with Norton Security:

Norton Antivirus Provide Parental Control But other competitive software does not provide. Other antivirus has features like network protection and virus protection. Symantec launched Norton Security to help you in the entire possible manner. Norton antivirus provides you complete security from virus protection and network protection. It also provides Parental Control Feature and Norton Power Eraser. That help you to get complete protection? Want to Buy Norton Security Call Norton Antivirus Phone Number 1-866-300-4877 (toll-free).