computer virus symptoms

Computer Virus Symptoms

Computer Virus Symptoms Computer viruses are the malicious code of the program, which is used to hack or damage computer or laptops. You need antivirus programs to detect and fix these viruses. But be careful, Malware can pass through strong antivirus software programs. This is because; hackers always look for vulnerability in your computer. Knowing […]

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Malware types

What is malware & Malware types

What is malware Malware is the code of malicious programs. Those are written to hijack useful information from your computer. There are various malware types like viruses, worms, rootkits, ransomware, Trojan horse, spyware. The computer is common in every home nowadays and is the source of the entertainment for the family. People connect their computer […]

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Trojan horse

What is Trojan Horse and how to Remove It?

Trojan horses are the most dangerous computer virus. They are not easy to find and not easy to remove from the computer. It’s very frustrating and irritating to remove Trojan horse from your computer once it’s on your computer. You can also say it’s impossible to remove Trojan horse from the computer. What is Trojan […]

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